we shape the logistics of the future

“Shaping the logistics of the future” – that is the new motto of the REICHHART employer brand. Our goal is to develop as an employer and offer our employees long-term prospects. That is why we have developed our very own employer brand. It shows us the direction for our development as an employer. Each of the key words has its own meaning. Find out more about our goals as an employer.

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Our promise as an employer

We are a value-oriented family company that has created a modern and successful environment for its employees. Our goal is to create manifold prospects in the logistics industry with well-founded training and qualitative training opportunities. This creates long-term relationships while promoting the careers and satisfaction of our employees.

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“Shaping the logistics of the future” – this is what REICHHART stands for as an employer. At the same time, this motto can also be felt in every area of our company: Whether in our driver team, on the shop floor, in project management or the software development team – we all have one thing in common:  The passion for logistics


Logistics heroes at REICHHART

They are the daily driver of the economy: Every single employee in the logistics industry. Their qualifications are as diverse as their areas of responsibility – and that goes for REICHHART too.

One of our logistics heroes is called Marciana Tecusan and works as an assembly and logistics worker at our Pliening location.

Marciana has been working in the sequential pre-assembly of control units and cable harnesses as well as on the assembly line for seat mechanisms with an interactive glove since the beginning of 2017. This smart helper is equipped with intelligent technology, making her work easier.

Marciana uses the glove to make her work processes safer and more efficient: Before that, she had to put the scanner down in order to process a component after the scan. With the integrated scanner on the glove, her hands are free; there is no need to keep putting the scanner down and picking it up again with each individual work step.

Zenel Salihaj works at the REICHHART site in Oberschleißheim. He has been part of the REICHHART team for 19 years and is always enthusiastic about his job as a welder. He started as a feeder at REICHHART, and trained for his current field of activity within a short period of time.

For the 170 exhaust systems that he welds together for our client every day, he needs 136 meters of welding wire. Zenel Salihaj has to know 1700 individual components and use them correctly.

In addition, the REICHHART logistics hero appreciates the team spirit and mutual support at the site. Willingness to develop further, enthusiasm for the area of responsibility and willingness to help colleagues – a real logistics hero.


Our logistics hero twins show: “Logistics is where I am”

We are committed to logistics

Along with a large number of other companies, REICHHART is supporting the “Wirtschaftsmacher” campaign. The campaign launched by the German Federal Association for Logistics (BVL) aims to highlight the importance of logistics for the German economy and to improve the industry's image. The idea is to put the diverse facets of logistics in the public eye. Find out here why logistics are considered the cardiovascular system of the economy.