Factory logistics link between material flow and production

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Our range of services in the field of factory logistics

In our Factory Logistics competence centre, we take on the material flow planning within production facilities and implement it consistently. In view of fluctuating production quantities and minimised stocks, the intelligent interlinking of material flows and manufacturing processes is becoming more and more complex.

Our experts respond to this development with individually tailored material flow planning, which is supported by our in-house IT solutions through all the process steps. Our software is specifically tailored to the needs of the client and takes into account all relevant IT interfaces. This not only ensures complete transparency in the processes, but also efficient supply chain management.

Our aspiration in Factory Logistics is to make our clients' production supply as efficient as possible. To do this, we ensure precise balancing and minimise the distances production employees have to travel. And we use the work triangle method to ensure that materials are provided in line with requirements and ergonomics. This increases productivity, because the production employees can concentrate on purely value-adding activities again – REICHHART takes care of everything else.

Our experts in the Factory Logistics competence centre always use the most modern methods that are suitable for the order and the circumstances on site. With pull principles such as Kanban, one-piece flow or line-back planning of processes and material flows, REICHHART ensures needs-based supply at the production site. The machine “pulls” its material requirements itself, so to speak.

Even when the logistics problems are anything but normal, we deliver requirement-specific solutions for complex logistical challenges in supply chain management. We also offer these individually for smaller projects. Because for us, individuality always means factory logistics made to measure, regardless of the size of the company or project.

By focusing on the customer, acting flexibly and drawing on many years of process experience, our clients experience this aspiration from first contact – both in the area of Factory Logistics and in the other four competence centres, Warehousing, Sequencing and Assembly, Transport Logistics and digital logistics.

  • Supply of materials within complete production facilities
  • Optimisation of internal transport routes and types
  • Optimisation of internal staging areas
  • Picking, sequencing and set creation for the lines
  • Line feeding by using pull principles
  • Digitisation powered by Motus
  • Picking according to circuit and routes
  • Material transport with the most modern tugger trains

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Manuel Steil
Project Manager Sales Strategy
Transport & Contract Logistics

Phone: +49 (0)8105 3836 635

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