The dream team meets logistics passion

From traditional warehousing to complex assembly services: We plan and design customer-specific contract logistics projects. When we say “we”, we mean Alexandra, Benedikt, Martin and seven other colleagues in the team for logistics planning and service development for contract logistics at REICHHART.

We design, calculate and implement tailor-made logistics solutions along the entire supply chain for numerous customers from a wide variety of industries. We are constantly adapting to new services and requirements and are learning new things every day. Every project in contract logistics is unique and cannot be compared to previous projects – but every time it is about creating progressive and competitive concepts for ever new conditions.

Get to know the team, find out about the diverse range of tasks and find out what makes working in logistics planning at REICHHART so exciting!

Your range of tasks

Your own logistics project? Sure! In the logistics planning and service development team, you will be responsible for projects in contract logistics from the tender to the achievement of the objective – but, of course, never without the helping hands and experience of your colleagues who will actively support you if necessary.

Tender management and tendering phase

Sustainable growth through successful tender management: With the tender documents of potential customers on your desk, you work out a complete contract logistics concept in accordance with all the client's requirements. You plan all the process steps and their implementation, think about a layout that is optimised for material flow and routes, and create the cost calculation. After your convincing presentation of the proposal, there are various technical and commercial discussions with the customer until we have an order for the service in our hands.

“I really appreciate having the team behind me during the tender process to discuss my ideas. If you were to do everything on your own, you would only have your own view of things and get tunnel vision. Regardless of whether my colleagues are sparring partners in process coordination or jump in for a joint brainstorming round to tackle seemingly unsolvable problems: Our team is first and foremost always a motivator and a support – we are good at that!”

Benedikt, Projektmanager Logistikplanung

     Implementation phase

Common values drive us and are the engine for successful implementation: The starting shot for the project implementation is given in the internal kick-off with everyone involved, i.e. with colleagues from your team and other relevant departments at REICHHART. Once roles and responsibilities have been defined and allocated, it starts: Creating schedules and milestone plans, keeping regular appointments with project participants, obtaining or specifying offers, placing orders with suppliers and recruiting staff are among other things on your to-do list. As a project manager for logistics planning, you will then take care that the location takes shape and be responsible for the entire coordination and implementation, from creating the process landscape to job interviews and commissioning the required equipment, such as machines and shelving systems.

“In the implementation phase, project and sub-project managers are determined and the task packages are distributed accordingly. Each project manager is then independently responsible for achieving the goals. Teamwork is a top priority in the sub-projects – in weekly meetings we use a standardised procedure to indicate the current status of our projects to everyone and work out possible solutions together.

To see how a warehouse including the process and organisational landscape planned in the tender is implemented is not only exciting, but also makes you proud – because this creates added value for the customer and new jobs are created at REICHHART."

David, Logistics Planning Project Manager

Optimisation phase and service expansion

Pioneering technology and innovative processes are inspiring: Our logistics location is operating, but we work every day with competence, passion and motivation to sustainably expand the added value for REICHHART and our customers. There is always room for improvement. As a project manager for logistics planning, you not only continuously optimise processes and procedures at the site, but also work on further developing and expanding the service in the existing order.

You always have the lean management concept in mind and pursue the goal of making the processes on site even more efficient with the help of the latest innovation options. And the next logistics project is sure to be waiting in the wings...

“Once the implementation phase is over, I find it difficult to part with the project. You grow very fond of the locations and their employees, and you become part of the location family, especially when you are on site for weeks. That's why I'm always happy when there is an optimisation project and I can go back to 'my location'. I enjoy being out in production or in the warehouse, talking to the employees and finding out how we can further improve the implemented processes. For this, I attach great importance to an open exchange of ideas, because the feedback from my colleagues is an important component in the optimisation and further development of processes at the site.”

Alexandra, Logistics Planning Senior Project Manager

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Not convinced yet? Read on and find out more about the team and their (and maybe soon your) responsibilities!

Shaping logistics together

How would I describe our team? Appreciative, motivated, open and honest. We all work together on an equal footing and support each other through an intensive exchange of ideas. The professional and personal development of my employees in the team is important to me and I actively encourage them.

Thanks to a focused induction and quick assumption of responsibility, the project managers are independent and self-determined. We deal openly with mistakes and learn from them together. I am one hundred per cent behind my employees.

– Johannes Schwarze, Head of Logistics Planning and Service Development

Your future workplace

As a project manager in contract logistics, no two days are the same: Whether you are planning a concept at the headquarters in Gilching, working on the implementation of your current project at a new location or just optimising an existing service, every day brings new challenges. You can always be sure that your colleagues will always be at your side with words and deeds to support you.

Immerse yourself in one of your future jobs and learn more about the tasks, cooperation and team culture as a project manager for logistics planning at REICHHART.

Your design options

Layout planning

Your ideas about the process are taking shape for the first time in the layout. In order to map an efficient material flow, you should optimally arrange the areas in the given building structure.

Capacity planning

How many employees do I need on site? What equipment is required for the process? Which innovations would help me to optimise the process flow? To answer these questions, you consider and calculate all processes in detail. You then use the information to create a convincing concept for the customer.

Cost calculation

After planning, comes the financial side: What will the individual items cost? How much will the technical equipment cost? What size of budget does the location need for ongoing operations? You verify all of these points in close coordination with internal interfaces, service partners and suppliers to draw up a sound cost calculation for the project.

Project coordination

Continuous communication and overall coordination are required for a smooth project flow. To do this, you always keep calm with a cool head and, as the interface between all project participants, including the customer, maintain an overview.


In close coordination with the HR department, you support the recruiting process for the employees you intend to use at our new logistics location.

Problem solver

The various influences and customer requirements always make adjustments at the location necessary. You are there to identify possible solutions together with the employees, the customer or the supplier as soon as possible and then to implement them.

Your colleagues

REICHHART Mitarbeiter Logistikplanung im Portrait

Benedict – the meticulous one

With REICHHART since: March 2016
My route into the logistics planning & service development team: I studied business administration with a focus on logistics and then got into quality and interface management at REICHHART. I took advantage of the opportunities to switch internally within the company in 2019 and have been part of the logistics planning team ever since.
What I appreciate about our team: The shared fun at work and the mutual willingness to help
What I like at REICHHART: Flat hierarchies is not just a buzzword here: There is a friendly atmosphere with both our bosses and colleagues from the site.
The best thing about my job: Diversity at different workplaces, the mix of “office work” and work on site.

Tina – the disciplined one

With REICHHART since: March 2012
My route into the logistics planning & service development team: I worked as a nurse for ten years and then successfully completed my MBA with a focus on logistics. In the course of my thesis in the field of transport logistics at REICHHART, I got an insight into the company that I liked: I've been involved in contract logistics project management since October 2012 – and since 2015 I have also been a lecturer on production and logistics management at Munich University of Applied Sciences.
What I appreciate about our team: The friendly and fair cooperation with our colleagues – we also always have something to laugh about!
What I like at REICHHART: The career opportunities and the wide range of training opportunities
The best thing about my job: The creative freedom and being able to work autonomously. And being part of a creative group!

REICHHART Mitarbeiterin Logistikplanung im Portrait
REICHHART Mitarbeiter Logistikplanung im Portrait

David – the analytical one

With REICHHART since: April 2018
My route into the logistics planning & service development team: After completing my dual studies in logistics management at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart, I worked as an operational manager for a good year. In this context, I took on responsibility for two customer transactions in distribution logistics and production supply in the automotive sector before I switched to REICHHART.
What I like at REICHHART: The interesting challenges: I work for a wide range of customers and industries. And the desire for further development in the company – REICHHART is open to modern solutions and progress.
The best thing about my job:: That I can provide support for projects from the preparation of the first offer to implementation – combined with a lot of creative freedom in all project phases!

Alexandra – the assertive one

With REICHHART since: March 2015
My route into the logistics planning & service development team: On top of my apprenticeship as an automotive saleswoman and many years of experience in the industry, I added a degree in business administration with a focus on logistics and production management. Meanwhile, I got to know REICHHART in a seminar week at the Pliening site and a month later I had my first day of work as a project manager.
What I appreciate about our team: The atmosphere and our humour. We do not shy away from any challenge and always cover for each other.
What I like at REICHHART: The uncomplicated and relaxed cooperation, both across teams and hierarchies. This way, constructive results can be achieved quickly.
The best thing about my job: The freedom to manage and design projects independently – as well as the opportunity to change approaches and processes. In addition, I am enthusiastic about the technical component in complex assembly services.

REICHHART Mitarbeiterin Logistikplanung im Portrait

What you bring

  • Zuverlässigkeit & Sorgfalt
  • Blick fürs große Ganze
  • Sicheres Auftreten
  • Flexibilität
  • Belastbarkeit
  • Offenheit
  • Durchsetzungsfähigkeit & Charakterstärke
  • Begeisterung für Technik