The environment and sustainability


The preservation of an environment worth living in as well as the sustainable and conscious use of available resources are mandatory concerns for REICHHART – today and in the future. Environmentally conscious thinking and actions are reflected in our daily responsible interaction. Motivated, qualified employees act in line with our future-oriented corporate values saving money and resources at the same time. This goes hand in hand with consistently responsible management with a view to society and the environment. We follow the guiding principle of “green logistics” with the help of modern technology and processes and the optimisation of capacities.


To achieve environmental goals, REICHHART takes into account the requirements of clients, employees and legislators alike to save resources and reduce costs in the long term. The inclusion of all stakeholders is the basis of our sustainable actions and strengthens trusting and cooperative partnerships over the long term. At the same time, the targeted use of the latest technologies contributes to making processes better and more efficient and meeting new requirements.

The orientation towards environmental aspects in company decisions is therefore a matter of course for REICHHART and is reflected in business operations. The logistics concepts are based on business management standards as well as on protecting the environment. The appropriate controlling of essential environmental aspects provides reliable values.

The provision of services takes place in harmony with official and legal requirements. It is characterised by the implementation of demanding standard requirements. Preventively recognising and exploiting optimisation potential, as well as continuous learning, are the focus of our sustainable business conduct. In terms of the continuous improvement process, we ensure company-wide that resources are conserved and waste is minimised.


REICHHART has been involved with EcoProfit since 2015 and has received the EcoProfit award every year for participating in the energy efficiency network. In recent years, REICHHART has successfully implemented various environmental measures in the field of logistics and has also brought them to the EcoProfit meetings as best practice examples. These include measures to encourage fuel-saving driving behaviour among REICHHART drivers or the opportunity for customers to transparently understand the CO2 footprint of shipments.

EcoProfit is an inter-company cooperation project in collaboration with the district of Starnberg, which numerous companies in the region are involved in. In the context of ongoing workshops, REICHHART discusses environmentally relevant topics as well as the latest standards in energy and resource efficiency.