Green Logistics


Our REICHHART fleet showcases our attention to both economic and ecological requirements. In addition to efficient dispatching for maximum capacity utilisation, we attach great importance to the use of low-emission vehicles. In light of this, we are continuously examining the integration of new and sustainable drive technologies. REICHHART's current focus is on the use of trucks powered by biomethane, due to the fuel’s excellent compatibility of sustainability with economic efficiency.

Nine trucks in REICHHART's fleet already run on biomethane, and further expansion is planned. Given this, we anticipate that by the end of the year, almost 25% of the transport kilometres driven for one of our largest customers will be covered by climate-friendly biogas. This climate-friendly and alternative fuel made from agricultural residues generates 90% lower CO2 emissions compared to fossil fuels.

At the same time, biomethane makes a good showing from an economic point of view when compared with fossil fuels such as diesel. Its production in Germany means that transport routes can be avoided and regional added value can be maintained, stabilising costs and giving planning certainty. BioCNG and BioLNG can also match conventional fuels in terms of vehicle range, achieving 700 km and as much as 1,500 km respectively.

These facts allow us to meet the demands and needs of our customers in an innovative way in terms of both economic efficiency and sustainability.

For more information on decarbonisation with biomethane, click here:



  • 90% lower CO2 emissions than fossil fuels
  • Ranges of up to 1,500 km (BioLNG)
  • Manufacture avoids transport routes and contributes regional added value
  • Produced from agricultural residues

Green logistics planning and control

When developing logistics concepts, we focus on a holistic approach that is aimed at both economic efficiency and environmental concerns. This includes, among other things, the permanent optimisation of capacity utilisation while avoiding empty runs, the integration of multimodal modes of transport and the consideration of alternative drive concepts.

This is how we work in an economically efficient manner and minimise expenses. At the same time, we save resources and contribute to environmental protection.

Together with the other “Wirtschaftsmacher” companies, REICHHART is committed to sustainable logistics. Read the white paper now:

Whitepaper: Climate Sustainability in Logistics

Emission-free and efficient – industrial trucks with smart technology

REICHHART uses advanced lithium-ion forklifts as part of its fleet of industrial trucks. In addition to economic advantages, this type of drive is also more environmentally friendly.

Intelligent battery management ensures that the lithium-ion industrial trucks receive enough energy when they are optimally used. With this and demand-oriented intermediate charging, the forklifts are available for longer during operation. This saves time and money. In addition, the smart use of resources leads to an increased service life of the battery.

The operation of lithium-ion forklifts is not only completely emission-free, the devices are also characterised by low power consumption and a long service life. Likewise, the lowest possible environmental impact is guaranteed at the end of its useful life – thanks to a holistic recycling process for the devices and the reuse of the valuable materials they contain.