Flexible sideline jobs

Minor employment
on a €450 basis

Our temporary workers ideally have experience in logistics or a forklift licence. If not, no problem! You can obtain a forklift licence with us, for example. In this way you earn something extra in addition to your main job. Often this option is used by retirees and students. For university students it is an especially flexible opportunity to gain professional knowledge and the first step to entering into an employment relationship with us later. The tasks vary depending on whether you support us at one of our locations or at our headquarters. In general: We always welcome good part-time workers as permanent employees.

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Short-term employees
(70 working days or max. 3 months)

With this type of employment relationship, you support us for a maximum of 70 working days per year or three months at a time. Whether at our locations or in administration, you support us in busy periods or short-term projects and do simple work that does not require long training. This option is mostly used by school and university students during the holidays. This is a great opportunity to earn some short-term money.

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Traditional logistic jobs in Germany and much more. Truck drivers, dispatchers, warehouse operators, warehouse logistics specialists, production staff, project managers, IT staff and administrative staff – our positions are as diverse as our employees. Find the position that fits your skills.

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We are a value-driven family business that has created a modern, appreciative environment for its employees. Our goal is to open up diverse perspectives by providing in-depth training and further education to our employees, thus enabling them to develop their careers at REICHHART.

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