Integrated logistics management
in Pliening near Munich

“As an experienced and well-coordinated team,
we ensure smooth logistics for a cross-sector customer portfolio at the Pliening location”

- David Nickel, Senior Site Coordinator Pliening

The REICHHART location in Pliening consists of a sequencing centre and multi-user warehouse across a total area of 10,000 m². Located in the east of Munich, we have been handling complex sequencing and assembly work for our customers there since 2013. Thanks to its multi-user usability and modern equipment, the location is also suitable for additional customised and demanding logistics services in various industries – from automotive to fashion and the drinks industry.

The modern equipment at the location, including the availability of compressed air and high-voltage current equipment, enables sequencing and assembly activities to be carried out on site with other high-quality product handling for ready-to-customer or finishing services. This is how we in Pliening offer value-oriented logistics outsourcing along the entire supply chain.

We will develop the ideal solution for your individual requirements and challenges together with you.

Your contact person:

Manuel Steil
Sales Manager Transport & Contract Logistics

Tel. +49 (0)8105 3836 635

Tailored logistics solutions in Pliening

From warehouse logistics to pre-assembly

  • Classic logistics services at warehouse consolidation points:
    • Kitting
    • Assembly
    • Picking
    • Conditioning, labelling
  • Value-adding activities and processes:
    • Pre- and final assembly activities
    • Just-in-time and just-in-sequence affinity
    • Packaging services and ready-to-customer services
    • Comprehensive quality checks

Facts about the location

  • 10,000 m² area
  • Customisable shelving system with expansion options
  • Highly sophisticated security systems with access restrictions
  • Compressed air availability, heavy voltage equipment
  • High loading ramp and entrance at ground level
  • Own vehicle fleet available at the site
  • 3-shift manning
  • ISO certifications

Our software solution motus maps every movement of goods at the location digitally. Quick to implement and with a modular structure, our clients benefit from a multi-client WMS system that is characterised by high EDI connectivity.

Smooth logistics from a single source

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in the outsourcing of logistics processes, we combine consulting and planning, as well as execution from a single source. That is why we are also available as a logistics company to provide support and advice in the upstream make-or-buy process.