Occupational health and safety are firmly anchored in our corporate policy and mean that we take responsibility for our employees and fellow human beings. Our goal is to create the best possible conditions at the individual REICHHART workplaces in order to ensure high quality services while at the same time guaranteeing occupational health and safety protection. The aim of occupational health and safety is the prevention of accidents at work, the warding off of work-related health hazards and the ergonomic design of work.

Our principles for
more protection and safety

  • We provide information company-wide about new regulations and check compliance with them.
  • We promote active safety awareness through regular training and instruction.
  • We design safe and ergonomic workplaces taking into account the applicable standards.
  • We use risk assessments and risk analyses to prevent hazards.
  • We take into account special hazards for people who are particularly vulnerable.
  • We minimise risks by implementing extensive preventive measures.
  • We strive for ongoing optimisation together with our clients.
  • We include our employees in occupational safety in a motivating way.

Membership of BG Verkehr

REICHHART is a member of the Employers' Liability Insurance Association for Transport, Postal Logistics and Telecommunications – in short: “BG Verkehr”. This provides additional support in matters of occupational health and safety and ensures the medical, occupational and social rehabilitation of employees in the event of an accident at work. All REICHHART employees are automatically insured against accidents at work.