Smart scanner gloves for ergonomic and efficient warehouse logistics

"Automate it or wear it" is a motto that is becoming increasingly popular in contract logistics. According to this principle, many process steps that are still implemented manually can be usefully supported by wearables. By releasing transmission of information from its dependence on hand movements, this frees up time and capacity for the value-adding activities of manual logistics.

As a future-oriented logistics service provider in this area, REICHHART is embracing solutions including smart glove scanners from ProGlove. These wearables enable employees at REICHHART locations to work ambidextrously, and thus more ergonomically. Better handling also increases safety, as both hands are free for a safer and firmer grip. In addition, REICHHART's use of the scanners increases productivity by saving several seconds of time per scan.

"At REICHHART, we are continually looking for ways to improve our operations and hone our efficiency. The glove scanners enable us to improve service quality and employee motivation by creating more ergonomic working conditions, as well as optimizing process times," says David Nickel, Head of Contract Logistics at REICHHART.

Our case study with ProGlove provides more information on the topic.