REICHHART Logistics at the Siemens Supply Chain Forum 2022

On 4 May, the SIEMENS Supply Chain Forum 2022 took place under the motto "Shaping tomorrow's value chains today". During this one-day event, experts from industry, trade and logistics provided insights into strategies and concepts relating to the value chains of the future. REICHHART Logistik held a presentation on the topic of "Designing an efficient Logistics Network – How Reichhart Logistik optimizes transport networks and costs".

What are the building blocks that make up a successful value chain? How can an optimised supply chain provide a significant competitive advantage? What will the value chain of the future look like? These and other questions were addressed by the SIEMENS Supply Chain Forum this year. Alongside REICHHART Logistik, Volkswagen, Siemens and the Future Management Group, among others, also provided exclusive insights. As one of the first medium-sized companies, REICHHART is already successfully using the data-driven transport optimisation software SCS and is thus a pioneer in this field. The logistics service provider has been intensively dealing with the use of data-driven tools for years, not least through its own software solution motus.

Katja Gerads, Team Leader Transport Logistics Tender Management, was therefore able to present the forum participants with a concrete best-practice example from a medium-sized company. She explained how REICHHART is making its transport logistics leaner, more efficient and more sustainable in the future thanks to data-driven decisions. To achieve this, the logistics company works with the Siemens Supply Chain Suite (SCS). The tool brings together different data and information sources and thus makes it possible to analyse and simulate logistical processes. This allows optimisation potential to be fully exploited and presented in a tangible way. For example, empties management or transport handling can be optimised with the help of the Digital Twin approach in such a way that transport costs are significantly reduced. Another positive effect: Emissions can also be reduced in this way.

For REICHHART Logistik, industry events like this are an important part of the company's own innovation strategy. "The Supply Chain Forum is a great opportunity for us to share our expert knowledge and at the same time exchange ideas with leading supply chain experts about the latest developments in the industry," says Katja Gerads.

In this way, the forward-looking family-owned company continues to keep its finger on the pulse and constantly pushes forward with customer- and value-added innovations.

Katja Gerads talks about transport logistics at REICHHART in her presentation.