New LED light installation at the site in Pliening offers ecological and economic advantages

Gilching near Munich – Recently REICHHART installed more than 880 LEDs at the site in Pliening near Munich to provide two added values: On the one hand, the new and modern LED installation is much closer to the bright, original daylight than a classic hall lighting. For the employees on site, this has a positive effect on the working environment. On the other hand, the new installation helps to reduce energy consumption in the hall and to reduce electricity consumption in total. An investment with a true benefit.

With the help of external experts, the complex project was designed in such a way that the installation is optimally tailored to the individual needs and work steps that are performed on site. The implementation of the new installation was carried out in close coordination with the experts and the site, so that the sensitive production was not interrupted at any time. The new lighting allows an optimal view of the individual work steps and relieves the eyes. This has a positive effect on the quality of work.

The new LED installation is a good example of the fact that economic and ecological goals do not necessarily contradict each other, but can offer significant added value for companies, when they are connected with each other in a smart way.

If you would like to learn more how topics of quality and environment go hand in hand at REICHHART, you can find more information here.