In use at REICHHART Logistik: Alert-System

Sulzbach-Rosenberg - REICHHART Logistik works with an Alert-System at its Sulzbach-Rosenberg site, which is used to permanently and digitally track the data of lorries that have been technically upgraded. In this way, logistics providers and customers are automatically informed of any deviations from the plan.

The logistics service provider's Alert-System consists of two elements: the advanced, digital data integration platform Qivalon is combined with a telematic system that is integrated into the lorries and records data such as position, driving times and vehicle movements. The system, which is enriched with the route data, finally brings together all information in a central location and automatically compares target and actual values.

In the event of a difference, both the customer and the dispatcher receive an automatically generated e-mail informing them of a possible deviation from the plan. This can be the case, for example, in the event of an unexpected traffic jam on the truck’s route. If desired, the accuracy can be adjusted to up to 5 minutes deviation from the plan. With the help of this early warning system, both customers and service provider are well informed at all times enabling them to act proactively and continuously optimize logistics processes based on the available data.