Everything under one roof: REICHHART Logistik relies on multi-user warehouses

Building on its comprehensive expertise in designing and implementing customer-tailored logistics solutions, REICHHART Logistik is now expanding its strategy to focus on multi-user warehouses. On modern logistics sites in Germany and Austria, the company offers individual logistics solutions that serve the needs of a wide range of clients – from beverage start-ups and fashion online stores to international corporations from the medical and automotive industries.

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, the current global political situation is having a huge impact on supply chains and the international transport of goods. Against this backdrop, companies are forced to deal with extremely dynamic logistics processes. To cope with this volatile environment, highly flexible and individual warehousing solutions are required. This is where REICHHART Logistik comes in with its multi-user warehouse approach: A cleverly placed network of locations and a high level of IT expertise thanks to in-house logistics software offer customers maximum flexibility when outsourcing warehousing activities. The solution not only addresses unpredictable developments but also seasonal peaks, as well as assortment and promotion logistics.

In addition to a high degree of flexibility, multi-user warehousing requires substantial logistics expertise that allows each service to be planned and implemented according to specific customer requirements. "Thanks to our many years of experience in contract logistics, we can offer flexible warehousing and complement these services with value-added services. This allows us to map logistical processes smoothly and also create productive added value for our customers," says David Nickel, who is responsible for the multi-user sites at REICHHART as divisional manager.

At the same time, the multi-user strategy enables customers to benefit from each other by exploiting synergies. For example, fixed costs can be shared, such as for site management and personnel, but also for existing equipment and software solutions that are not tailored to a specific customer.

REICHHART now operates five multi-user sites in Germany and Austria: including Dobl near Graz (Austria), Pliening (near Munich) and Homburg (Saarland). REICHHART intends to further expand its network of locations in the multi-user sector in the future. For this reason, the logistics service provider is currently exploring possible cooperative ventures with land developers in the Munich area.  

On the available premises, REICHHART can already implement both simple, fast storage and logistics solutions as well as complex services with longer runtimes, thus offering a broad range of services. In addition to typical warehousing activities such as e-commerce fulfilment, kitting or picking, value-added activities such as assembly or ready-to-customer services are also offered. Europe-wide transport logistics complete the range of services. On-time distribution and multimodal transport solutions, for example, are part of the standard portfolio.

REICHHART designs individual warehousing solutions according to your requirements, offers flexibility and presents all logistics processes transparently and efficiently. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


Manuel Steil
Sales Strategy Project Manager
Transport & Contract Logistics

Phone: +49 (0)8105 3836 635

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