Clothing retailers and online mail order companies rely on REICHHART as their logistics partner to ensure that new fashion collections are available on time for store openings. The logistics company has developed customised, time- and cost-efficient logistics concepts with transport and contract logistics components that are seamlessly integrated into the supply chain of fashion companies. Tailored logistics.  


  • Customers: clothing retailers and online fashion retailers
  • Goods: seasonal fashion goods, (home) accessories, small items (non-commercial goods, e.g. carrier bags)
  • Deliveries to 33 stores and 4 outlets in southern Germany
  • Per quarter: delivery of approx. 150,000 boxes, 6,000 hanging bags and 450 pallets
  • Cooperation: since spring 2020


Cost-optimised, punctual delivery to outlets and sales outlets in southern Germany

  • Fast and punctual delivery to target stores
  • Cost-optimised transport routes
  • Safe transport of bulky hanging goods on hangers and small items


Individual contract and transport logistics services

  • Night cargo handling for on-time next-morning deliveries
  • Intelligent, resource-optimised round trips
  • Flexible disposal concepts for packaging
  • Smart loading solutions for safe transport of hanging goods etc.


  • Smooth start-up phase thanks to close cooperation
  • Resource-efficient vehicle utilisation through intelligent route concepts and avoidance of empty trips
  • Reliable and safe delivery to outlets and stores


"The fashion industry is fast-moving, so the logistics behind it must be time and resource efficient. Night transshipment – including the receipt of goods, sorting, storage if necessary, loading the delivery vehicles and dispatch to the stores and sales outlets – is generally completed in just four hours. This is how we ensure on-time delivery of the goods."

Maike Wolf, Head of Planning and Service Development at REICHHART


While mail order companies -  alongside their core online business - prefer to distribute their products in outlets on the city outskirts, clothing retailers mainly rely on rented stores in city centres. For all 37 shops in southern Germany, the challenge was cost-optimised, punctual delivery as well as the safe handling of sometimes bulky hanging items on clothes hangers. For this purpose, the fashion companies brought REICHHART on board as an experienced logistics partner. The logistics expert has developed a tailor-made logistics concept comprising upstream picking activities and resource-efficient transport.



In order to ensure punctual delivery to the shops, REICHHART uses a strategically located transshipment facility in southern Germany. There, the incoming goods are sorted and pre-picked, loaded, appropriately secured and transported to the destination shops in the morning hours before rush-hour traffic.

REICHHART's transport strategy makes use of round-trip itineraries that enables them to supply several shops with just a few vehicles, thus optimally utilising the vehicles and avoiding empty runs. Clothing, accessories and non-commercial goods are transported to the shops and returns, unsold goods and leftover packaging are collected on the way back. By designing efficient routes in this way, the logistics company achieves sustainable cost savings for its customers.

To enable a smooth launch of business, textile companies are in close contact with REICHHART from the early start-up phase. In the further course of the partnership, the logistics company proactively and continuously identifies resource and cost-saving potentials, as well as ways to improve material flows and processes. This creates a trusting and forward looking partnership.