• Customers: French automobile manufacturers and suppliers
  • Services: sequencing of door panels, exhaust systems and SET formations of vehicle equipment as well as picking and production-synchronised delivery of automotive parts
  • Sequencing orders per day: approx. 3,900
  • Annual picking performance: approx. 955,000 items
  • High quality level: zero percent error rate in over 12 years of cooperation


  • Precise picking of over 955,000 parts per year
  • Sequencing of door panels, console SETs, rear-view mirrors and exhaust systems as well as welding work
  • Picking and storage of automotive parts as well as empties management
  • Punctual, production-synchronous delivery for vehicle manufacturing


  • Ongoing training of specialist staff for a stable level of quality in all value-adding activities
  • Intelligent in-house and cross-location route concept to ensure production-synchronous delivery
  • Continuous review and initiation of measures to increase productivity efficiency and process optimisation together with the customer
  • Maximum service performance


  • Continuous improvement process and improved cost reduction potential
  • Zero percent error rate in sequencing and welding exhaust systems for over 12 years
  • Reliable collaboration on an equal footing


The challenge for the French companies in the automotive industry was to find a partner with extensive logistical expertise to take on various value-adding activities in the context of vehicle construction, such as welding exhaust systems or sequencing door panels. The logistics expert REICHHART, with its roots in Germany near Munich, impressed the French companies with its tailor-made logistics concepts. Depending on the requirements and product group, they include upstream sequencing, picking and storage activities as well as resource-efficient transport directly to the customer. 2007 saw the start of the Franco-German success story that continues to this day.


Stahlgruber is one of Europe's most important partners for the automotive repair industry: be it wear parts or lifting platforms – the wholesaler supplies everything that modern garages need.

Supplying workshops throughout Europe is an enormous logistical challenge. Particularly with the strong growth of the company in the nineties, both transport requirements and logistic complexity increased exponentially. Stahlgruber recognised this early on and relied on support from REICHHART Logistik. Together, the supply structure was revised in order to meet the new requirements and to achieve a reliably high level of quality and a delivery capacity that is far above the level of competitors. The advantages of the cooperation soon became apparent: REICHHART implemented a flexible route planning system that ensured punctual delivery to all Stahlgruber sales outlets at five o'clock in the morning.



During this period, REICHHART has leveraged its experience in logistics to carry out production and just-in-sequence delivery of exhaust systems, door panels and console SETs. It also takes care of picking various automotive components, storage and transport of the goods to the customer, and empties management. As part of the route concept, REICHHART uses, among other things, special terminal tractors in a two-shift operation to ensure that the goods are delivered directly to the vehicle manufacturer's factory in sync with production. Depending on the product group, customers receive a new delivery about every 30 minutes.

The use of the logistics software motus brings further advantages, such as greater process transparency through real-time tracking of each individual pick and even more precise deliveries.

In order to continuously ensure the consistently high quality level of its services, REICHHART stays in close contact with its customers. Together, the partners develop measures to continuously increase productivity and process efficiency and thus successfully tap cost saving potential. In addition, the logistics company relies on ongoing training and qualification of its specialist staff. And with success: for over 12 years this has ensured a zero percent error rate in the sequencing and welding of exhaust systems. Mutual trust and cooperation on equal terms play a fundamental part in this Franco-German success story.