In solution-oriented cooperation with REICHHART Logistik, the medium-sized wholesaler Stahlgruber has been mastering the increasing complexity of its value chain and the associated logistical challenges for over 50 years.


  • Wholesale distributor for automotive parts and workshop equipment
  • Employees: 6,650
  • Turnover: 1.7 billion euros
  • Head office: Poing
  • Foundation: 1923
  • Website:


Increasing complexity of logistics and range of articles

  • Takeover of the goods from at the warehouse, compaction, packaging and inspection of the goods
  • Route planning, volume-oriented capacity optimisation and daily delivery to Stahlgruber sales outlets throughout Europe
  • Returns handling and supplier integration


Individual logistics concept for efficient linking of contract and transport logistics competencies

  • Intelligent network structure of incoming and outgoing transports
  • Changing system for flexible route planning
  • REICHHART as an integral part of the logistics structure


  • Increased efficiency and synergies through interface-free processes between dispatch and distribution
  • Stable quality level through standardized, functioning logistics processes
  • Transparent process structure


"In REICHHART, we have had a competent logistics partner at our side for decades, who has always contributed new approaches and ideas. 50 years of "STAHLGRUBER and REICHHART" stand for trust-based cooperation, progressive thinking and the common endeavour to continuously optimise Stahlgruber logistics as a competitive advantage for our company."

Andrej Jerman, Chief Operating Officer at Stahlgruber


Stahlgruber is one of Europe's most important partners for the automotive repair industry: be it wear parts or lifting platforms – the wholesaler supplies everything that modern garages need.

Supplying workshops throughout Europe is an enormous logistical challenge. Particularly with the strong growth of the company in the nineties, both transport requirements and logistic complexity increased exponentially. Stahlgruber recognised this early on and relied on support from REICHHART Logistik. Together, the supply structure was revised in order to meet the new requirements and to achieve a reliably high level of quality and a delivery capacity that is far above the level of competitors. The advantages of the cooperation soon became apparent: REICHHART implemented a flexible route planning system that ensured punctual delivery to all Stahlgruber sales outlets at five o'clock in the morning.



Since then, the partners have successfully mastered the increasing complexity of the wholesaler's logistical processes together: REICHHART operates the dispatch area at Stahlgruber's logistics centre in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, making it an integral part of the supply chain. REICHHART links contract and transport logistics processes, from receipt of goods, through compaction, packaging and loading, to route planning and transport. Together with the intelligent network structure of the entire supply chain, this enables Stahlgruber to work without interfaces – giving the wholesale distributor a clear competitive advantage with a clear transfer of risk.

The efficient and trusting partnership at eye level creates a win-win situation in which both companies can fully rely on their respective strengths.

A good reason to also commission REICHHART with the logistical integration of the North German subsidiary PV Automotive – and thus continue the joint success story.