Sequencing and Assembly

Sequencing & Assembly workman assembling a car seat

Our range of services

Production-synchronous supply of components by our Sequencing and Assembly competence centre achieves greater flexibility in production. With the help of IT-assisted, just-in-sequence delivery, we minimize storage and logistics costs. At the same time, the creation of different variants allows our customers to optimize batch sizes in their production.

Installation and assembly services up to value-added production activities complement our service portfolio.

  • Parts sequencing in accordance with the call-off
  • Delivery directly to Production
  • Creation of variants
  • Assembly and production, e.g. welding of exhaust systems, assembly of seat mechanisms and front rests, including safety-relevant A-class fittings
  • Product quality management and delivery quality management
  • Modern measurement methods and systems
  • Sequencing software powered by motus

Your entry as a logistics specialist

You already have experience in logistics or are you looking for a challenge in a new field? If you have an eye for details and the ability to work with great precision, then this is the place for you. We are always looking for new talents that will strengthen our team.

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Sequencing & Assembling woman  with wire harness in her hand