Challenge and nurture

This is the maxim we follow for the holistic development of our employees. We want to offer long-term prospects and development opportunities because our employees' knowledge contributes to their advancement and to our success.

The first impression counts

In all areas, at REICHHART we place great value on successfully integrating new employees into their teams and providing them with the important tools required in order to fulfil their tasks.
Within the commercial domain, this is realised by the team members on-site. We offer a two-day 'onboarding' programme addressing commercial topics, which provides comprehensive support for our new employees during their initial period of employment. Within this framework, all relevant company departments and contact persons are introduced and you get the chance to experience our REICHHART world. Each employee also receives a careful compiled individual integration plan, which contains all of the important basics for his or her new position. This may include training courses, interviews, site visits or an introduction to specific topics. This way you can familiarise yourself with all important corporate structures and roles at an early stage.


Individually tailored training under one roof

Our company-wide educational academy creates a platform for our employees with comprehensive training offers. Wide-ranging, practical solutions for education and training ensure high-quality learning standards and ensure that you can regularly develop your professional and managerial competencies.

Target-group-specific courses for the development and expansion of your logistics expertise are one focal point of our training portfolio. Here, we increasingly rely on online learning applications in addition to attended training courses. In addition we also offer a modular training programme for management staff. Through regular training courses, management staff can build their expertise in keeping with their current development level.

Our professional and management career path

We have created a transparent concept that offers you structured development possibilities: the REICHHART Road to Success.
Whether as a leader or a specialist, we offer a career path that fits your ambitions and strengths. Our approach is based on flexibility and permeability, which allows us to tailor your career path individually.
This will enable you to develop your professional skills in the best way possible.


Specialist career

Career does not always have to be linked to management responsibility. As a medium-sized family company with flat hierarchies, we offer a targeted and systematic approach for you to develop expertise in your field. Each specialist career – in the commercial or industrial sector – comprises 3 levels with defined requirements criteria. We support you comprehensively so that you can advance from one level to the next.

Management career

Do you want to contribute to our company by assuming managerial responsibilities? Then our management career is the right thing for you. We adapt our offer according to the requirements of our management staff. The modular training modules lead you successively to the next higher position. It is based on a shared understanding of what leadership means, the associated principles and our corporate culture.

Employee interviews and the joint setting of objectives

Right from the outset, you will take part in regular interviews with your superiors: the process kicks off with an interview partway through the probationary period, which is followed by an interview at the end of the probationary period and finally the annual employee interview. The focus here is to discuss your own performance and your development options with your manager. The individual development measures that are agreed on form the basis upon which you can gain further qualifications with a view to improving your own specialist, social or methodological competence.
In order to successfully and sustainably anchor our corporate strategy we agree on the setting of annual objectives with our management staff and responsible persons. On the basis of individual objective-setting interviews, we hereby guarantee that our corporate strategy is implemented within the individual activities and measures adopted by our staff.

Our vacancies

Traditional logistic jobs in Germany and much more. Truck drivers, dispatchers, warehouse operators, warehouse logistics specialists, production staff, project managers, IT staff and administrative staff – our positions are as diverse as our employees. Find the position that fits your skills.

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