Flexible side job

Marginal employees on 450 € basis

Our temporary staff usually have experience in logistics or possess a trucker's license. You don't have? No problem, you can for example drive a forklift at our company. You can make extra earnings alongside your main profession. This option is often pursued by pensioners and students. For university students in particular, it is a flexible opportunity to gain professional skills and the first step to joining the company at a later stage. The tasks vary, depending on whether you support us at one of our local centres or at our headquarters. In general, temporary employees that perform their jobs well are always welcome as permanent staff members.

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Short-term employees
70 working days or 3 month

In this employment relationship, you support us a maximum of 70 working days a year or three months in a row. At our local centres or in the administration, you support us for the peak periods or short-term projects and carry out simple tasks that do not require long-term training. This option is mostly used by students during the holidays, as it is a great opportunity to make money in the short term.

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Unsere Stellenangebote in der Logistik

Klassische Logistik und vieles mehr. Berufskraftfahrer, Disposition, Fachlagerist, Lagerlogistik, Produktionsmitarbeiter, Projektmanager, IT-ler und Verwaltungsmitarbeiter – unsere Positionen sind so vielfältig wie unsere Mitarbeiter. Finden Sie die Stelle, die zu Ihren Stärken passt. 

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Warum Reichhart?

Wir sind ein werteorientiertes Familienunternehmen, das ein modernes und wertschätzendes Umfeld für seine Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter schafft. Unser Ziel ist es mit fundierten Aus- und Weiterbildungen vielfältige Perspektiven zu ermöglichen, so dass Sie sich langfristig mit REICHHART weiterentwickeln

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